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2018 in Numbers

Two thousand eighteen

Little Brother turned SEVEN in January

I had ONE wisdom tooth pulled in February

March concluded our Ski Season with THREE ski days

Big Brother turned ELEVEN in April

Middle Brother turned NINE in April

In May our THREE boys said goodbye to FIFTH, THIRD and FIRST grades

June was brought in during our FIRST camping trip of the year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Big Brother caught his FIRST fish all by himself

In July we packed up our trailer and headed to Northern California to spend SIX days with a mere oh… FORTY family members

August began our FIRST day of homeschooling a SIXTH, FOURTH, and SECOND grader

September we went on our last camping trip of the year for a short FOUR day get away

October was the month of settling into routine and figuring out that we are together TWENTY FOUR hours a day SEVEN days a week. There were some ups and downs but overall we enjoy the new normal.

In November we got to have FOUR of our California family come and spend SEVEN days with us and it was so much fun!

That brings us to December, there are too many blessings to count for this month! We had family come and visit, we had friends fill our home and we spend the Christmas day trying to recall all our blessings!

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