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This week the word that has been on the forefront of my mind is Community.  Community makes life doable.  Community is what I surround myself with.  Community is what every person needs! This week my home has been filled to the brim with my actual community!  With families displaced on the street my house has… Read More Community

Momma Ramblings


About a month ago one of the podcasts that I listen to mentioned needing some people to launch her new book into the world… I was super excited to be selected to get my hands on her manuscript and be among the first few to read it cover to cover.  As I sat down to… Read More HelloMornings

Momma Ramblings

Preach It

This past weekend our pastor was on fire!!! You know those sermons where you are sitting there and you can’t even keep up with all the nuggets that are being spoken?  Well, that was this past weekend.  We are in a new sermon series and this week was number three in the “Interscetions” series. Right… Read More Preach It

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This afternoon I got a call from a blocked number… I picked it up and was greeted with, “Is this Andrea?” “I am calling from Jefferson County Animal Control…”  I eagerly said, “Oh you found him!”  To which I was greeted with, “I am sorry to inform you…”  Ugh! Last Thursday as I got home… Read More Closure

Kulow Family

Cousin Time

Yay! For living close to family.  Yesterday we had Michael’s sister and her kids come over for a slumber party and then they spent the entire day with us as we hit up all of our Halloween free and cheap places. First on the agenda was scary face pancakes… After the sugar rush of scary… Read More Cousin Time