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Back… with no promises

Long absences seem to be a thing for me.  When it comes to blogging there are seasons of feast and famine.  Basically the last six months have been filled with our family’s new normal. 

Back in March I posted that we were going to start homeschooling our boys in the fall ( http://kulow.family/coming-into-a-new-season/ ).  Well August sixth came and our boys excitedly woke with a desire to begin our homeschooling journey. 

There have been many days that I have questioned our choice, there have been other days that we as a family watch the school bus pass our windows and wave goodbye.  The choice to home school was never about education but more about the characters of our boys. Over the last five months I have been able to witness some huge changes in our boys.  I can honestly say that five months in we have made the right choice for our family in this season.

With the choice to home school has meant that there were some other choices that needed to be made.  I had to step down from my leadership role at the church with the woman’s group that I co-lead, I have had to say no to outside events, we have had to grow and change.  There have been times that I sit in the house with every single boy and wonder when I might be able to get away for some girl time… I have run away from home a few different times for tea, dessert and manicure/pedicures. 

As I have mentioned many other times after coming back from a blogging break ( http://kulow.family/finding-my-groove/ ). I blog for the friends and family.  I blog because my boys love getting out our blog post books and reading through the stories.  My husband likes to know what happens in the fifty hours a week while he is working for our family.  So although I am making no guarantees I am going to try and make a schedule for myself to sit and tap out little stories of our days.  In all honesty by the time the evening comes I am so exhausted from the day that I find it difficult to even compile a complete thought let alone a post that is engaging or thoughtful.

So very much unlike the post that I noted above about Finding my Groove, of having excess time while the boys were at school for seven plus hours a day, I feel as though my day is pretty stacked full!  Here is to trying to create written accounts of the extraordinary in the ordinary!

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