Boy Antics, Kulow Family

Snow Fun

With winter break coming to a close the boys and I decided to take a little trip to visit family. Michael’s little sister and her family live about three hours away and we made plans to invade her house with our Kulow crazienss. In August they bought a new house and we had yet to… Read More Snow Fun

Boy Antics

Orchestra Concert

Yesterday was Big Brother’s last orchestra concert.  He was pretty excited about playing but was not too hip on my taking pictures of him. Big brother has really enjoyed learning the bass and even has been requesting that we try and make it possible for him to still play next year as a homeschooling student. … Read More Orchestra Concert

Boy Antics, Kulow Family

Quick House Guest

My dad stopped into Littleton during his whirlwind cross country trip.  My dad was helping my uncle with his boat purchase in Florida, so my dad packed his truck in San Diego on April 19th and drove to the point of Florida dropped off supplies and then spent a few days in Florida.  Ventured to… Read More Quick House Guest