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Rise Above

Those moments that just make you stop and think… how did we get here?  Is this truly the life I am living?  Yesterday was one of those days for my momma heart.  Big brother… I was sitting quietly yesterday just thinking about him.  He has come a long way!  Let me begin oh, about nine… Read More Rise Above

Boy Antics

Cleaning Legos

Awhile back a someone gave us a large box of Legos.  The box has been sitting in my boy’s room almost tempting them.  One day we got the box down to find that they were super dirty, we are talking animal feces in the box – DIRTY!  I put the box up and told the… Read More Cleaning Legos

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This week the word that has been on the forefront of my mind is Community.  Community makes life doable.  Community is what I surround myself with.  Community is what every person needs! This week my home has been filled to the brim with my actual community!  With families displaced on the street my house has… Read More Community

Boy Antics

Field Trip

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with middle brother on his field trip to downtown Denver.  I was starting to think at the beginning of the week that I am field trip bad luck… cause the first field trip that I took was when we had our first snow fall of the year… Read More Field Trip

Boy Antics

Fall Festival

The last two years I have taken our boys to the local fall festival that is just down the street.  Last year I learned that they have hot air balloons and they offer lift offs in them.  Last year we arrived at 7:50 am in hopes of signing up only to be disappointed that all… Read More Fall Festival