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Quick House Guest

My dad stopped into Littleton during his whirlwind cross country trip.  My dad was helping my uncle with his boat purchase in Florida, so my dad packed his truck in San Diego on April 19th and drove to the point of Florida dropped off supplies and then spent a few days in Florida.  Ventured to… Read More Quick House Guest

Boy Antics, Kulow Family

Nine Years Now

This handsome boy turned nine years of age today and I cannot contain the fact that he is growing into such a fun and unique young man!  Middle brother has a warm and tender heart, he is truly happiest when he is working / doing something for another person. Whether it is making a gift… Read More Nine Years Now

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This week the word that has been on the forefront of my mind is Community.  Community makes life doable.  Community is what I surround myself with.  Community is what every person needs! This week my home has been filled to the brim with my actual community!  With families displaced on the street my house has… Read More Community