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This afternoon I got a call from a blocked number… I picked it up and was greeted with, “Is this Andrea?” “I am calling from Jefferson County Animal Control…”  I eagerly said, “Oh you found him!”  To which I was greeted with, “I am sorry to inform you…”  Ugh! Last Thursday as I got home… Read More Closure

Kulow Homestead

Come on Spring

This spring the Kulows will be adding two hives of bees to the craziness that already is.  I have been interested in bees for a while and I have been researching them and finally decided this is the year.  One of my friends found someone selling two hives for a decent price and so hubby… Read More Come on Spring

Kulow Homestead

Deck The Halls

One of the great benefits of having purchased a fake tree a few years ago is the fact that our tree can go up whenever I decide I want to get everything out.  And my precedent is that Thanksgiving has to be completely put away before Christmas can come out, as well as the house… Read More Deck The Halls

Kulow Homestead

New Rugs

So a few weeks ago I was walking brothers to the bus stop and I saw these two rugs in someone’s trashcan.  My friend saw them too and told me to run and get my car. She stayed with my boys and I ran and got my car and she helped me load them.  I… Read More New Rugs

Kulow Homestead

Hope Chest Re-Do

Do you remember the hope chest that I bought back in October?  Well, it has been sitting in our down stairs living room serving it’s purpose of holding all our blankets.  Today I decided to give it a little facelift.  After having so much fun re-doing Big Brother’s chair I wanted to try a different… Read More Hope Chest Re-Do