Kulow Homestead

Overflowing Garden

As you can see my squash and zucchini are growing like crazy.  My tomatoes are doing well but honestly they don’t even make it in the house I just pick them off the vine and eat them while I am pulling weeds in the garden… a girl needs sustenance! 🙂

Kulow Homestead

Backyard Beauties

Maybe it is just me, but I love going to open houses and driving through neighborhoods admiring homes, today hubby obliged.  While driving around I grabbed hubby’s arm and told him to pull over immediately… do you blame me?  This back yard was gorgeous!  There were garden beds lined with flowers, bird baths to splash… Read More Backyard Beauties

Kulow Homestead


Don’t you just want to take a seat with a cold beverage?  I know I want to!  Hubby found that swing at a garage sale on Saturday.  At first when he told me he wanted to buy it I said, “Nah, we don’t have the space that would work.”  Hubby proved me wrong, yet again! … Read More Sunshine

Kulow Homestead

Chicken Taj Mahal

Hubby spent the weekend while I was gone working on the chicken coop that I have now coined the chicken taj mahal.  I asked hubby to build a little bit of a bigger coop and he took some pictures and ideas that I had and turned up the notch about oh… one hundred percent.  Silly… Read More Chicken Taj Mahal

Kulow Homestead

Garden Giddiness

My kitchen bar and counter looks like a nursery.  I cannot wait until I am frost free and I can get my plants out in the garden beds.  I have quite a collection of plants that I grew from seed and a few starter plants I bought for two dollars.  Today I also bought “wall-o-water”… Read More Garden Giddiness

Boy Antics, Kulow Homestead

Warm Days

We have been having some really warm days, this weekend hubby had to get the swamp cooler cleaned out and working because we hit 86 on Sunday and with a west facing kitchen and dinning room that makes for a hot dinner time.  Hubby also got the sprinklers going in the yard and so the… Read More Warm Days

Kulow Homestead

Gettin’ Bigger

This weekend we moved the little ladies to the back yard and put the ramp in the coop so that they could walk down and play in the dirt below.  The girls were loving being able to be chickens, once they could play in the dirt the were almost instantly taking dust baths and scratching. … Read More Gettin’ Bigger