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Heart Work

There has been some major heart work that I have been going through since January.  I posted about a lot of the personal heart work that was taking place in me in the area of my walk with the Lord and in my marriage.  I feel that while those areas were being worked out there… Read More Heart Work

Momma Ramblings

Love Filter

I am going to be very upfront about this post here – these words and thoughts are not mine!  I have been a devouring fool of the words that Shauna Shanks wrote in her book called “A Fierce Love“.  I have mentioned before that I purchased her book through Kindle because it was on sale,… Read More Love Filter

Momma Ramblings

Holes to Holy

“One must recognize the holes in their life so that they will recognize the Holy One.” The last month I have been on a path of recognizing some holes in my life – some are moth sized holes and others are craters.  A lot of introspective thinking has been taking place!  The last two days… Read More Holes to Holy

Momma Ramblings

Conviction City

“For my sins have flooded over my head; they are a burden too heavy for me to bear.”  Psalm 38:4 HCSB When there is an area of your life that you know is lacking and around every turn there are words of warning or caution – that is where I feel the Lord has had… Read More Conviction City

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Rise Above

Those moments that just make you stop and think… how did we get here?  Is this truly the life I am living?  Yesterday was one of those days for my momma heart.  Big brother… I was sitting quietly yesterday just thinking about him.  He has come a long way!  Let me begin oh, about nine… Read More Rise Above

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Word of 2018

Friends, it’s that time again. The time to reflect on the previous year & dream up goals for the next. It is indeed one of my favorite times – I’m naturally a goal setter, a dreamer. I love regularly checking back & tracking my progress as I move forward. And I firmly believe this mixed… Read More Word of 2018