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Cleaning Legos

Awhile back a someone gave us a large box of Legos.  The box has been sitting in my boy’s room almost tempting them.  One day we got the box down to find that they were super dirty, we are talking animal feces in the box – DIRTY!  I put the box up and told the boys that we would get around to cleaning them soon.  Well, let’s be honest soon became almost a year later!  So this week while the boys were off from school I decided to tackle cleaning the Legos.  I employed my boys help and they were eager to do so since the box was huge and there were a lot of cool pieces in there.

I did my fair share of research on cleaning Legos.  I read about people purchasing garment bags and double tying them and placing them in their washing machines – every one reported it was way too loud and you had to remove the tiny pieces so that they do not come out in the wash.  There were a few other down falls to what sounded like it might be the easiest way.

I read about people using garment bags in their dish washers.  The biggest downfall of this method was that the small pieces still had to be removed and that the water temps had to be low as to not melt the Legos.

After researching every method I found I realized that I was going to have to touch every piece before it was cleaned to do so I stuck with the very simple method… dump everything into my sink with HOT water and bleach.  I am not a huge user of bleach but when it comes to unknown feces I am willing to make adjustments!

We did batches – three to be exact!  While each batch was in the HOT water and bleach we wore gloves and took each pieces apart.  Let each batch soak in the HOT water until it was cool enough to take pieces apart and then did a lot of “swooshing” around of the water.

After each batch was removed from the water it was placed in a white towel and shook to try and remove water and then taken to a folded shower curtain and laid out in a single layer.

The Legos had to sit for about two days to dry even with the towel drying and such.  Thankfully we live in Colorado where it is dry.  After everything was dried I found two drawer holders at Target on sale and we got to separating.  Each Lego was inspected when being separated and if it was still dirty or was broken it was tossed – when you have this many Legos being out a handful is really no big deal.


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