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This afternoon I got a call from a blocked number… I picked it up and was greeted with, “Is this Andrea?” “I am calling from Jefferson County Animal Control…”  I eagerly said, “Oh you found him!”  To which I was greeted with, “I am sorry to inform you…”  Ugh!

Last Thursday as I got home from the field trip with middle brother, Shadow darted out the garage door.  With the flurries beginning I figured, heck that cat will get cold and rush home once he hears the boys get home from school.  Well – that was not the case!  The cold bitter night of Thursday did not bring him home, nor did the cold nights to follow.  On Sunday, Michael and I discussed that it was likely he was gone.  Monday I spent the day cleaning my house thoroughly – the carpets and baseboards because that little treasure had decided that marking my baseboards was a good idea.  So I figured I would soon find out if the culprit was Shadow or his brother Ashi… well I can tell you now who the culprit was!

The whole reason that we have the kitty brothers was because of middle brother’s love of animals.  In September of 2012 I found a craigslist post for two kittens looking for a home.  Middle brother and I went and picked up the two little brothers and they have been a part of our family since then.

This evening before dinner, I sat all three boys down and told them that I had received a call from the animal control and that Shadow had been found at a close corner having been hit by a car.  Big and little brother were stoic and seemed a little bummed… Middle brother on the other hand sat there with tears streaming down his cheeks.  Much snuggling and talking were needed.  Middle brother told me that he would have rathered not know that Shadow was found hit by a car and just gone on thinking he was out chasing mice or rabbits.  We talked about the loss of Shadow and some memories that we each had of him. We agreed that he will be missed!

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