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Come and Gone

How is that the entire month of February has already passed?  Last night Michael was sitting down with our oldest to do their bible study and he started reading through the journal and realized that the entire month of February they did not do the study.  This morning as I was on my walk I was thinking about this little corner and I could not for the life of me remember the last time I sat down and tapped out an update… Well, that is because the month of February come and went before I even realized it.  I looked over the calendar to even have to remind myself of the activities that took place, that is how “whirlwinded” I was feeling about the month.

Our little “she-shed” in our backyard went from a platform to a standing structure!  I am pretty excited about the progression of this space.  I have not shared about this little space here…  In November, Michael and I went and looked at a house to purchase and move to.  We liked it, however after some very serious conversations realized that a move, although we may be able to do it would strap our family financially and then cause a lot of potential stress.  In December, we decided that we were going to use the money that we had taken out of our home’s equity and create a space detached from the house for our office, library and craft room.  In creating a “shed-shed” space it would open a bedroom in our house for middle brother to have his own room allowing all three boys their own space to be.  Separating the current office to a location outside our four walls making it a retreat for the person needing it or a quiet space to escape seemed like a very wise and much more cost effective plan.

December before the ground froze Michael and one of his employees worked diligently to get the ground dug and pipes in place to feed electrical to the space and then footers dug and poured.

In January with the frozen ground in place; work on the platform began.  Work was done to make sure that the foundation was in place and critter free, with blocking and rocks.  The sub-floor was put in making sure to insulate it well and prep it for the walls to come.

In February, we went from a deck to something that resembles a building.  At this point I have to give some crazy props to Michael, he had an idea in his head of what he wanted to build and slowly this building has emerged from his head.  There were a few times that things did not go as planned and that the adage of measure twice cut once did not hold true to saving from mistakes but he has pushed through and I am impressed.  I am such a visual person that I struggled to see his vision and it was not until the walls were erected that I started to see it.

The hope is to have this building complete by summer time as work for Michael picks up to an almost breakneck pace.  It is our desire that we will be functioning out of this space to open the upstairs bedroom for middle brother and allow him the space and solitude that he needs and thrives in.

So far this month, granted only one week in the roof is now in place and there is blocking that needs to be done of the back portion of the roof for the exposed rafters that I wanted.  I have all the windows sitting in the garage now.  We have picked out the siding and have almost totally decided on the exterior siding and accents.  I love the exposed rafters look and so that has caused a little more work!

Last week we had some super crazy winds, it sounded like windows might break by the wind force and when we woke in the morning I was pleasantly surprised that our building stood.  Okay, I know that sounds silly, however when it at times feels like a hope and a prayer going into the building to see that it stood the test of wind and was not harmed I did pat Michael on the back and congratulated him!

I will try to keep you all posted with the changes and happenings of this little space as they happen.  As the winter season is coming to an end and spring picks up; work for Michael does as well, which means that this project will take a little bit of a back burner.  Once the outside is buttoned up, we have the inside to tackle.  I have grand ideas of pallet exposed roof with pendant lighting and white desks and cabinets, but we will see how that all plays out! 😉



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