Kulow Homestead

Come on Spring

IMG_5255This spring the Kulows will be adding two hives of bees to the craziness that already is.  I have been interested in bees for a while and I have been researching them and finally decided this is the year.  One of my friends found someone selling two hives for a decent price and so hubby and I went and picked them up and now they are sitting in the back yard.  Two weeks ago middle brother and I went to a beekeeping class.  We had out minds filled with lots of information.  Middle brother was a great note taker for me.  It was a long class, over two hours and he sat there quietly taking notes and even asked a few questions.  We are expecting our bees to come in the mail the end of April to mid May.  I did however get an email last night informing me that with the rains that have been falling in most of the hive growing areas that the colony growing is slow going and therefore the shipping may be later.  I will be honest that there is a bit of intrepidation at the thought of over sixty thousand bees buzzing around me as I check in on them and then take honey from them.  With that intrepidation does come a sense of excitement however at the new skills to learn and the reaping of the benefits of fresh honey and wax from our very own backyard.  I am sure there will be plenty of stories as I learn!

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