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Coming into a new season

For the last few months there has been a stirring in my heart and I have been contemplating sharing it here… I think the hesitation comes in the fact that there are so many unknowns.

I have always said that I would never home school our children unless there was a divine two by four that decked me in the back of my head.  For the last year and half I have been jokingly saying that I can see the divine two by four in my peripheral.  During the last few months I have almost as it were embraced the said two by four.  In January Michael and I started discussing our educational plans for our boys.  For a brief time we looked into a private school and were entertaining the idea of sending big brother to said private school.  After a lengthy application process we were notified that we did not get accepted.  During the application process our eyes were opened to the fact that although the public school was fine, were we as parents okay with just fine?

Much discussion and research led up to feel that fine was not okay with us.  We as parents are not striving for ivy league scholars, we really could care less about grades – our passion is that our boys grow into strong independent thinking men that are grounded in believe of Jesus Christ as their Savior and that they point people to Him.  I am not forgoing their education, in fact I feel very strongly that their education is a means of pointing others to Christ.  I am less concerned with the paper pushing, test taking mentality that is plaguing our schools and I want a firm foundation for our boys.

After doing a lot of research I have found a curriculum that I am excited to introduce our boys to.  The best way I can describe their current education is like this… The boys are taught a vast amount of knowledge.  Each subject is sand as it were being poured into buckets.  The boys are given a test at which point they are told to dump their bucket of knowledge out.  It is my feeling that our boys are sitting with piles of sand all around them with very little knowledge that those buckets and that sand does all work together.  It is my hope that we can make connections between subjects – to see that the reason why a particular artist paints the masterpieces that they do is because of the time in history that they lived.  That the math problems that we face we can break down and see the beauty of the English language in it.  That the science that we study coincides seamlessly with Latin that we are dissecting.  Lofty goals – yes, perhaps!  I am excited to learn along side our boys.

What is it going to look like?  I have no idea.  Are there going to be days that I want to throw in the towel and walk away?  I am completely sure of it.  Are there going to be days where one if not all four of us are crying over the activities of the day?  Yep, pretty stinkin’ sure of it.  That is why I knew that the only reason I would ever home school was if I felt a calling from God alone – and if that divine two by four hit me upside my head.

Pray for us as we journey down this path!  Only God knows what is in store for our family but it is with excitement that I take the steps of obedience that are laid before me.

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