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This week the word that has been on the forefront of my mind is Community.  Community makes life doable.  Community is what I surround myself with.  Community is what every person needs!

This week my home has been filled to the brim with my actual community!  With families displaced on the street my house has been a safe place for kids to come to before and after school.  There has been shared breakfasts, shared after school snacks and shared dinners.  My front door has not been used as much as it has this past week and a half!  Community.

With so much uncertainty for the families on our street, between house clearing, house restorations and insurances in the battle – having kids go and come on the school bus like before and being on the same street that they have grown up, although a few doors down has been good!  I may not have much to offer the families that are living in hotels for undetermined time, but I do have a warm house that always has someone here!

Adding two to four more boys to the routine has worked out and I am glad that my house could be a little sanctuary for everyone.  At one point this week, I had my three boys and two other families boys – seven all together (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 2 8th graders) and they all played a game in the street nicely.  There may have been some competition but all-in-all everyone had fun.  I had to smile to myself as I watched community at play.

Community truly has rallied and it has been a blessing to my heart.  On another day this week I had five boys sitting at my table doing homework… first grader was being helped by the sixth grader.  It was a sweet and innocent moment that I hope I do not soon forget.  Even when life feels crazy I hope that each one of my boys and the boys that have been in my home remember the sweet simple!

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