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Eleven Years Old

I am not sure how it is possible that Michael and I have an eleven year old child?  Big brother turned eleven and as with each year on his birthday there is a little reminiscing that takes place.  This year as we were coming home from his chosen dinner place we chatted about the night leading up to and the morning of his birth.  We laughed about the fact that he was early to his own birth date.  I told him how his dad was away for work and my mom, Gigi was sent to stay with me.  I told how we went to church and then as church was ending I was not feeling well and Gigi said we needed to go to the hospital.  I told him about when we got to the hospital and the doctor said that I had about six hours to deliver or else they were going to do an emergency C-Section.  Michael added to the story about how he had just got moved to a higher reffing court so that he could be evaluated for the US section of reffing when he got the call that he was going to be a dad in a matter of hours.  Michael told about the fact that he took a two hour trip and made it in just over one hour to get to the hospital.  How is it possible that all of that took place eleven years ago?

Eleven years ago this boy made me a mom. #growingupkulow #birthdayboy

Well, Big Brother – my prayer is that you stand strong in your convictions and that you are always a man of your word!  Lots of love to the little boy that made me a mom!


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