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Experiences Over Gifts

Trying to explain to very excited family that experiences are far superior to gifts was an uphill battle!  In our family we are not big on gift giving, we usually get the boys one gift for Christmas, we do not give gifts for birthdays rather we choose a fun new place to go to eat.  In knowing that we were going to trade in our snowy quiet Christmas as a family of five for a sandy one with a lot of family, I spent many conversations on the phone and over text trying to explain, that just since we were going to be in the same state did not mean that there needed to be gifts exchanged!

I will say that thankfully – for the most part everyone understood that!  There were gifts but the best things according to my boys were the experiences!

Our first full day in San Diego, big brother got to go to an escape room with my sister, her husband, my uncle and his son, and my grandma and grandpa.  According to the group big brother was a huge help!  He thought it was pretty cool too that he got to hang with adults!

The next day we were in San Diego, my dad had purchased a group package at i-Fly.  So hubby, all three of our boys, my uncle and cousin got to go flying.  It was such a fun thing to watch!  I was really proud of little brother, he was a natural – even to the point where the instructor was impressed too.  The i-Fly was supposed to just be for daddy and big brother but we then realized that it was going to be just a little more to add the other two boys and so everyone got to do it.  I laughed the entire time!

Then the day after Christmas, my dad had an evening planned at K-1 Speedway for the boys.  Each of the boys got three races.  Big brother on his last race of the night got to race with the adults… uncles and cousin – he came in last but it did not faze him, he was too pumped about being able to drive the bigger cars with more power.

All in all, our trip to San Diego was a big hit!  I was a little sad to leave the snowy weather of the mile high city but I know that I will certainly treasure our sandy Christmas!

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