Boy Antics

Fall Festival

The last two years I have taken our boys to the local fall festival that is just down the street.  Last year I learned that they have hot air balloons and they offer lift offs in them.  Last year we arrived at 7:50 am in hopes of signing up only to be disappointed that all 100 spots were already filled for the event that did not start until 8 am.  This year I was going to trick the system… I got the boys up early and we raced to the park at 7:30am only to be told that due to the very windy conditions that they were not even doing hot air balloon lift offs.  Gosh stinkin’ darn it!  So here I was with my three boys dressed more for a fall morning, not sideways cold wind blowing and thirty minutes early for the event.  Thankfully the boys made the best of it all!

The boys each picked out their own large pumpkin – my only stipulation is that they have to carry it, I will not help at all!  Big brother had his eye on a huge one and then realized that he was not going to be able to carry it.  Middle brother, picked a little out of his size range and paid for it!  He was struggling to get it to the car, so much so that at one point he was rolling it.  Little brother picked reasonably!

Each of the boys got their faces painted.  We enjoyed pancakes and hot cocoa.  Little and Middle brother enjoyed the bounce castle slide.  After about two hours of enduring the wind and cold we went and sat in the car to warm up!  we had more plans for the day but since feeling in our cheeks was lacking we figured we had better warm up!

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