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Family Camping Trip

Last year began a wonderful family tradition and this year we have looked forward to our annual Steamboat Springs camping trip since it was booked on the first of January.  This year we scheduled our camping trip two weeks earlier than last year and we have decided that there are pros and cons to an early trip.  May through the second weekend of June are considered “mud season” in Steamboat Springs.  Not that there was mud but it is the time between snow season closing and summer season ramping up, which simply means that there really was not much to do.  Most of the places are closed and there really is not much on the activities lists.

Our camping trip was a little shorter than last year because I discovered that unlike California; Colorado only books their camp sites six months out rather than the made dash of January 1st for all California state campgrounds.  So with that in mind I got on January 1 and thought I would be able to reserve our campsites but I was limited to only six months out and the time period we wanted was taken and most of the sites that we wanted were reserved already so it was a get what I could kind of scheduling.

We arrived on Thursday evening and spent the day light hours getting camp set up and chatting with Michael’s sister and kids.  Our activity schedule was planned for Friday to be our beach day.  We totted four kayaks, a paddle board (more on that in a minute), two shades, a bucket of toys and five kids to the lake beach and sat for five hours of fun!  Side note on the paddle board… okay, so in October I purchased a paddle board at a end of the season sale.  The said paddle board has been sitting in our trailer since I purchased it and I have been eagerly awaiting the summer season to break that bad boy out and enjoy hours of paddling.  Well, Friday as we were heading to the beach we got the paddle board out and started pumping it up and I started thinking it looked awfully small.  I started reading the box and realized that I purchased a kids paddle board and all these months I was thinking that it was a paddle board for me… needless to say there may have been some tears and maybe even a few “construction” words.  😉

For Friday dinner we enjoyed our annual crab boil.  Although it is kind of expensive it sure is a fun memory that I know our boys will talk about in years to come.

Our Saturday activity was to include a “down and dirty” sale that I found on Facebook and the Yampa River Festival.  We arrived in town bright and early in hopes of scoring some great deals.  Well, the sale was a great disappointment!  There were four easy ups with clothes and nothing was deep discounted like I had hoped.  After the sale we went to breakfast and then head to the Yampa River Festival.  The festival was really neat.  The boys enjoyed watching the kayakers and paddle boarders take on the Yampa.  Then we watched some brave dogs, and some not so brave dogs jump into the Yampa.  After about two hours of the festival we got on our bikes and took a long bike ride up the Yampa river.

Sunday was a day filled with fishing.  The campground that we were staying at had an intro to fishing class first thing in the morning and then the fishing excitement carried on through the entire day.  There was a wind storm that conveniently blew through right around nap time which lent itself well to a quiet afternoon in the trailer.  While hubby and I rallied after nap time big brother and middle brother took their poles to the lake and about ten minutes after they left middle brother came running back to the trailer to inform us that big brother had caught a fish.  Big brother had caught himself a pike and with the help of daddy and uncle cleaned and filleted it for dinner.

Monday was our day planned for hiking up Steamboat Mountain.  When we arrived at the base of the mountain there were signs that noted that the gondola was not operating… I did not read it, but hubby did.  The boys and I were excited about climbing the mountain and riding the gondola down.  Well, half way through the hike when the sun was shinning and we were all questioning our ability to make it to the top of the mountain, hubby informed us it was not just up the mountain but back down too! What the heck!  I was really questioning our commitment to the mountain!  We did all make it to the top and it was not horrible, but definitely a rough first hike of the season.

After our four hour round trip to the top of Steamboat Mountain hubby had some work to be done so we went to the local library and sat for three hours.  Brothers and I have decided that we are going to make that a regular thing, going to libraries and getting cards.  We loved hanging out at the library and the plus is that we got a library card so now we can use the card for e-books and audio books – that library had different selection than our local library – win, win!

We sure did have a fun trip and  we are already talking about another trip – maybe even another trip this year!  We sure do love Steamboat Springs!

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