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Family Matters

A decade… ten years… that is a very long time!  Think about it this way – There were only three people in my little Kulow family – hubby, me and big brother – that of course was before he was “big brother”.

A decade ago was the last time that I spent Christmas with the Potter family, my family of origin.  This year the Kulow family packed up our trailer and drove out to San Diego to spend Christmas on the beach.  We traded in snowy Christmas for sandy Christmas.

Being that all the “Potter Daughters” were together for the first time, there were the obligatory family pictures that had to take place.  I would like to say that we just threw together this idea and it was without thought and planning, but lets be honest here!  For about two months before the trip out there were text sent between my sisters, mom and aunt all trying to plan out color schemes.  There was discussion on places, times, and various location venues.  It was pretty funny!

Potter Daughters

We arrived in San Diego on the twenty second in the evening and pictures were to take place the next evening – during golden hour!  We had a location, a time and outfits all picked out.  Saturday morning we woke to the sounds of crashing waves and it was pretty glorious.  We stopped at a Mexican breakfast place and middle brother said that he was not hungry and he was just going to stand outside and get fresh air.  Something was not right!  My momma gut was a little anxious, wondering what was wrong with him.  A few minutes later, middle brother darted for the bathroom.  Middle brother had the case of tummy troubles!

The rest of the family finished our breakfast and then headed to my parents house.  I got middle brother situated on a bed in the back of the house, close to a bathroom and laden with towels in case the trip to the bathroom proved to be too far.  Daddy laid down with middle brother to keep him company – AKA to take a nap and be away from the crazy loud bustle of the Potter Daughters.

Hours of laying around were not proving to help middle brother.  About an hour before it was time to leave for the family pictures I was questioning if we needed to reschedule.  Although about fifteen minutes before we were leaving middle brother said he was feeling better and was ready for pictures.

So off we went…

Thankfully we got all the pictures done and middle brother was a champ – actually everyone were champs!  We took a ton of pictures and everyone smiled and stood nicely!  It is fun to now have all of these pictures for years to come.  I know that everyone will cherish these smiling moments captured!


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