Boy Antics

Field Trip

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with middle brother on his field trip to downtown Denver.  I was starting to think at the beginning of the week that I am field trip bad luck… cause the first field trip that I took was when we had our first snow fall of the year and then this field trip was looking like we were going to get snow as well.  I can say that the snow held off.  The first part of the field trip we had beautiful fall weather towards lunch time the wind picked up and it started getting chilly and as we were walking back to the bus … albeit, five minutes late we did get a few rain drops and it did not start to snow until after the kids were back at school for the hour wrap up of the day.  Yahoo!

It was fun to see middle brother in his element with his friends!  Middle brother really does have some good friends and there are a lot of kids that really like hanging out with him.  It is neat to see the “other world” that he lives in for  the eight hours I do not see him!


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