Kulow Family

First Snowfall

It is no surprise that here in the mile high city we have some crazy weather… Sunday we were up at the grandparent’s house and it was in the seventies.  Sunday evening it dropped and we woke up Monday morning to snow!  Today it is in the sixties and I am sure that all traces of snow will be gone by this evening.

It is amazing what a day difference there is herein the mile high city #growingupkulow #snowfall

Yesterday along with having snow, it was the first time I have ever been on a field trip with my boys… snow and the zoo with a bunch of first graders! 😉  I told the teacher that she was probably better off having all the kids at the zoo rather than trying to wrangle all their excitement with the first snow fall in a classroom.  I have to say it was a chilly day!  Big huge snow flakes fell the entire time we were at the zoo.  My group were such troopers!  There were many kids that we passed that were crying and complaining about the cold.  My little group of three made the best of the day.  We ventured from one exhibit to another, the coolest by far was the elephant exhibit because we got there just as the trainers were getting ready to care for an elephant so we got to watch close up as they gave him his shots, cleaned his feet and gave him his check over for the day.


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