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Forts and Reading

Spring Break in our house means a lot of reading time.  Yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful so I sent all three boys to the back yard while Michael and I tinkered around in the yard.  While the boys where in the yard they went and got our box of fort making supplies.  If you are even considering fort making supplies please do get them!  My boys have had their set for about six or seven years and it still gets used! There was a time where I thought I might just pack up the set and pass it on to my nephews but I am pretty sure I would have three very upset boys not to mention neighbor kids that would be bummed too!

So while the sun shone bright in the sky, the birds chirped and sang of the spring weather my boys constructed forts to hide out in and get lost in the pages of their books.  I asked all three of them for their permission to take pictures of them and they all said I could… I love that even as they are getting older they are not ashamed of their fort building time and willing to let me share it with my camera and then in exchange friends and family!


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