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Gluten Free Dessert

Okay, let me stop you in your tracks… I am not gluten free, I don’t entirely know what that even means. Also I am not a food blogger, I make food and that is about where is begins and ends!

I was asked to bring a gluten free dessert for my If Table and I was like… uh sure! This week has been crazy busy and full to the max, so like a great planner, I uh, started thinking about a gluten free dessert at oh, one today!

I did not want to run to the store so I just rummaged through my pantry, searched a few things on the World Wide Web and then took a stab at making a gluten free dessert.

Like I said people I am not a food blogger… I am a mom, who made something that was enjoyed by friends.

So for the dessert I made macaroons.  I had every thing in my pantry that was needed! Yahoo major win.

I decided to “fancy” up a basic macaroon recipe that I found because well, that is just how I roll sometimes.  Oranges were on special this week and I had a bunch sitting on my counter so I decided I was going to make orange infused macaroons with a chocolate drizzle.  Since I was going to be using orange zest I was going to need to either eat the orange or figure out something to do with it… I decided I was going to dip the orange slices in chocolate.

I guess while I was double boiling my chocolate I went a little heavy handed on throwing in the chips and I ended up with a ton of chocolate, at which point  nothing in my kitchen was safe… just about everything got dipped in chocolate! I was literally opening up my pantry and dipping anything I found in chocolate and calling it dessert! I had chocolate dipped dried mangos, dried apricots, almonds, pretzels, bugles, and potato chips – oh and let me not forget sea salt topping, you know to make it look even more fancied up! Yes, I realize the last few items where not gluten free, but I left those for my boys to enjoy for their dessert.

After everything was thoroughly covered in chocolate it went either to the freezer or fridge to chill.  My boys got to enjoy their chocolate covered almonds, pretzels, bugles and potato chips for dessert and I took the fruit and macaroons to my If Table for a gluten free dessert.  The ladies loved the dessert and were asking for a recipe and I will admit I was kind of ashamed to say that it was a wing and a prayer, sort of dessert.  I knew that if it was going to be gluten free I was going to have to make it from scratch and I was trying to be healthy…

Now… here is the “recipe”:

Orange Zest Macaroons with Chocolate Drizzle

6 ounces of shredded sweetened coconut

6 tablespoons of white sugar

2 teaspoons of orange zest

2 large eggs, whites only

Chocolate for drizzling…

2 cups of chocolate chips (I used one cup dark chip and one cup semi sweet milk chocolate, both were Nestle brand and the package stated that they were gluten free)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Prepare large cookie sheet with sheet of parchment paper.

Combine all ingredients, except chocolate chips, in a bowl using a fork to insure all coconut gets egg white covering.

Scoop out batter into two tablespoon portions onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet. (This batter made nine macaroons for me).

Place filled cookie sheet in oven.

While macaroons are in the oven, do a double boil to melt the chocolate chips.

At the ten minute mark of baking rotate your cookie sheet to make sure your macaroons are being baked evenly.

Once your chips are completely melted remove your double boil from the heat source but leave the top bowl over the pot to keep the heat on your chocolate.

At twenty minutes your macaroons should be done… a light golden toast to the top and bottom edges.  Remove from the oven and take parchment off of cookie sheet and place on drying rake.  With a spoon you can now drizzle chocolate over the tops of your macaroons, go as crazy or conservative as your heart desires!

If you realize… like I did that you went a little heavy handed on the chocolate chips, then maybe do what I did and use the orange that you zested and just peel that sucker and dip it in the chocolate! Basically everything tastes better dipped in chocolate, so have your happy little mistake look like it was all totally on purpose! 😉

I would love to know if you try out this dessert! I hope my little creation is enjoyed by you and your friends!

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