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About a month ago one of the podcasts that I listen to mentioned needing some people to launch her new book into the world… I was super excited to be selected to get my hands on her manuscript and be among the first few to read it cover to cover.  As I sat down to read her book “HelloMornings” I was pretty sure I knew what she was going to talk about – setting aside time each morning to be quiet and present – “God Time, Plan Time and Move Time”.  What I was not prepared for were the amount of thought provoking tid-bits hidden through out the entire book.   I felt like there were so many good pieces of information hidden throughout the book.  The dog eared pages are numerous!

Beyond the three minute morning model that she outlines she encourages “persistence over perfection” and as the perfectionist that I am this rang so true and has shaped how I think about each one of my days!

The book officially launches on December 5th, however if you pre-order it you can help the publisher know that we want this book and more just like it!  Pre-ordering also insures that there are enough on the book shelves when this little treasure hits launch!


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