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How does your garden grow?

This time of year my yard is blooming with wonder and I find myself lost for hours admiring the beauty of green and blooms.  This year I am amazed at the center area of my yard in particular.  Two years ago hubby and I tore up this area and planted with my mind’s desire in sight.

This year it truly has bloomed and become what I had in my vision and I am simply giddy over it.  I do know that next year I will need to thin out considerably my irises but that is okay because my peonies are growing and blooming and that will take up a large focal point in the yard.

My garden in planted, however at this point it really does not look like much… the magic is all taking place under the soil and in the coming weeks the beauty will flash above ground and then in the next month my counter will show it’s glory as well.  In case you were wondering… spring and summer truly are my favorite seasons with fall a very close second!

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