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How many electricians does it take…

Ever since I started this blog… back in 2009 it has been a place that I primarily share about our family.  In all the years that I have had our family blog my husband has “guest posted” only two times.  Well today makes three…

How many electricians does it take to fix a smoke detector? – Big Brother, Thanksgiving 2017

We should file this under “kids say the darnedest things.” But maybe that is too general of a saying. It does not really encompass the depth of the observation, and the brilliant timing of delivery.

We had traveled up to Bailey to host Thanksgiving dinner for Michael’s grandparents at their house. This is the 1st Thanksgiving in a long while that Frank and Artie have not been in AZ for Thanksgiving due to a broken hip and a 2nd surgery for grandpa Frank. They had not been cleared for travel, and therefore stuck in CO for Thanksgiving.

Michael of course was excited to cook for everyone, a bit too exuberant in his selection of the number of items presented for the meal, but dinner went off mostly without a hitch.

As the clean-up of the dinner was nearing completion the smoke detector for the main floor started to chirp. You know that chirp, the “did I really hear something” chirp. The 1st several chirps were ignored or not noticed, but after a bit, the chirping of the detector was becoming annoying and Michael figured he ought to take a gander at the issue. Grandpa Frank, still in a walker and/or wheelchair from hip surgery, was not going to be in a position to fix the detector that was just outside the master bedroom. But if Michael was going to take a look at it, then grandpa Frank was going to make sure it got done right. He sent big brother on a mission to get the step-stool to be able to reach the detector. Now to call the contraption that was brought and positioned under the detector a step-stool would be a stretch. A circa 1965 stool with faded vinyl yellow upholstery seat appeared that sent Michael into a fit muttering OSHA under his breath.

Michael removed the detector but was not able to find the battery compartment on the detector, which he then informed everyone “something is not right about this.” After a bit of Michael examining the detector while fending off grandpa Frank’s calls of “being careful not a break it,” and “let me take a look at it,” Michael finally relented and handed the detector over to grandpa. Grandpa was gung ho but started to come to the same conclusion that Michael had, the plastic cover was not easily removed. For the next five or so minutes the detector was passed from Michael, to grandpa Frank, to Mark (Michael’s dad) in a continuous loop. Also in a loop was the conversation of “does this even have a battery?” and “we just have to get the plastic cover off to get to the battery compartment,” and the “you need to be really careful with that so you don’t break it.” Middle Brother even tried to get in on the action, but with three elder Kulow’s in the house, he did not stand a chance of getting anywhere near it.

The plastic cover was finally removed by Michael in the garage. The thinking is that Michael took the detector into the garage not only to get tools, but also to work in a bit of quiet.

Michael finally got the plastic cover off, and low and behold, this detector did not have a battery backup. The smoke detectors in the house were all linked but did not have batteries as an option. Well, at least some of them did not, but in looking thru the house it was discovered that some of the detectors had been replaced, and did have batteries. Now the job of figuring out the entire smoke detector system for the house, which ones had batteries and which ones did not, and finding replacement detectors took on a scene resembling a fire drill. Orders were called out, adults and little ones sent to and fro, looking, and testing, and listening, and then more stuff to find or get. Tools and more tools arrived, and about 45 minutes after the 1st chirps were heard, a new detector was rewired and placed in position.


20 sec later. Chirp.

What the heck was going on!?!?! Did anyone test the batteries?

Big Brother, 1st born son of Michael, a master electrician, grandson of Mark, a master electrician, and great grandson of Frank, a Master electrician, from a comfortable perch in a chair pipes in and asks “How many electricians does it take to fix a smoke detector?”

God bless that kid.

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