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Hush your heart

Lately the thought of quiet, sabbath, slowing down and hushing have been heavy on my heart.  A few months ago I got into my truck and my husband was at the wheel and he immediately changed my radio station from “Coffee House” to “Spa”.  He looked at me and said that he has been listening to “Spa” as a way of calming his mind from the day’s work.  Being that he has been working about an hour away without traffic he spends a lot of time in the car, he said that on the days that he has anything other than spa on he feels anxious.  I somewhat blew off what he said and listened to the radio.

About a month ago he needed me to drive from one place to another – I spent a total of five hours in the car, some in traffic some just in stop and go lights.  As I sat in the car feeling the anxiety in my heart increase I brought to memory our conversation about the radio station.  So I flipped from my coffee house station to spa and it was as if the rush and anxious thoughts were washed away.

Our house often has a Spotify channel playing in the background, I have always tended to find the acoustic channel or the light folk music – something cheery.  In the last two weeks or so big brother has really been in-tuned to the music that is playing and is more than often requesting classical music – he says it makes him calm down.

With all that being said, I know in the depths of my soul that what we put into our minds will come out through our actions and speech – so why not feed your mind something that is calming and soothing.  Sometime last year I was “e-troduced” to a woman named Christy Nockles.  If I remember correctly she was on one of the many podcasts that I listen to and I remember thinking, her speaking voice felt like honey to my parched soul.  In June of 2016 Christy began her very own podcast.  Please do your heart a favor and follow this link to her podcast.  She has such a poetic way of looking at the very simple glorious in the mundane.

So now that your heart is being encouraged by the words of Christy please also do your family the favor of purchasing her newest album!  I cannot even remember the last CD that I purchased, but when Christy’s CD hit the shelves I purchased it!  In correspondence with the new release of her CD each of her latest podcast have been her raw and honest words of each of the songs.  I can honestly say that my new favorite song of her’s is “River of Grace”, the words ring to my heart in a way that is both refreshing and disturbing – it interrupts my comfort zone and reminds me that each and every day I need to sit, in quiet, hushing my heart by the River!

Happy listening, in the desire of calm and peace!

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