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Momma Freak Out

Okay, hear me out… you know those moments as a mom where you freak!  I mean like come unglued – might rip someone’s head off?  Well, yesterday was one of those days.

I was in the shower and my phone rang but I did not run to get it because I did not know the caller.  I got done with my shower and then checked my phone… there was a voicemail, but no real voice recognition, just rustling noises.  About five minutes later I get a phone call from my boys’ school – the front desk lady started her conversation with, “I have big brother here with me, everything is okay but he needs to talk to you.”  Mind you the call was received at 3:33pm, my boys get home on the bus at 3:37pm.  Mind started to race…

Big brother informed me that the bus driver would not let him get on the bus with his new instrument.  He said that he was going to try and walk home but he was concerned because his instrument was just too big.  As he was talking to me I was already in the car getting ready to go get him, my heart was pumping – how dare the bus driver just leave my son stranded at school – what would happen if I was out and could not run and get him.  As I was driving I called my neighbor whose daughter decided to get off the bus and stay with big brother and asked her to keep an eye out for the younger brothers since I would not be home when they got home.

When I arrived at the school big brother kept apologizing that he didn’t get on the bus and felt horrible that I had to come and get him.  My momma heart was mad that he felt bad for the fact that the bus driver left him.  He is a first born and often takes on the problems of others as his own… I know this trait well!

Once home we chatted – he said that he tried to get on the bus and that the bus driver told him he could not ride home.  Now hear me out on this… I have boys, they are not ones to sit and carry on a conversation.  Being a momma I tend to blow things up in my head and think, “How dare someone bring harm to my child!”  All that being said, I try to not fly off the handle and tend to wait until Michael and I can chat, he tends to tame down my inner momma bear.

Once Michael got home I shared with him what happened and his inner daddy bear went off – made me feel somewhat justified! 😉  We decided that there were some steps that I was going to take this morning.  First being that I was going to walk with the boys to the bus stop this morning with big brother’s bass and try to get it on the bus – we were questioning if the bass was maybe legitimately too large to fit on the bus.  Then after trying that out – which I am here to say that the bass does not legitimately fit onto the bus.  I was going to call the school office and try and get to the bottom of the situation… well, my call the the office cleared up a lot of the lack of communication from big brother.

The story goes like this…

Big brother tried to get onto the school bus and the bus driver did try to help get the bass onto the bus.  It was unsuccessful!  The bus driver radioed into the school office and a school representative came out to the bus.  While the school representative was walking to the bus, our neighbor’s daughter text her mom to ask if she and big brother could just walk home since they could not get on the bus.  The school representative decided that instead of just letting these two kids walk home with a bass that was bigger than either of them to bring them into the office to call home.  Big brother informed the school representative that I work from home and that I could come and get them.  The school representative walked with our neighbor’s daughter and big brother to the school releasing the bus to it’s route and waited with the kids in the office while they called me.

After the office lady explained the entire situation I felt the momma bristles lay down a bit!  There was a good explanation and they did what was safe and reasonable within the guidelines.  I did ask the office lady if it would be possible if that on band days I would be able to drop off big brother’s instrument in the office for his use and then I can come and pick it up and she said that was a totally doable situation – however that means that I am now committing to driving to the school two times two days a week… UGH!  Hubby and I did discuss that maybe I just bring the kids to school and then save that bus money that we are spending… I am not sure if committing to five days a week two times a day is what I want either… UGH!

So here I sit, trying to weigh what is the best option knowing that big brother is soooooo excited about playing the bass and super eager to learn – I can’t legitimately take that away now?!?!  What did I get myself into?  Hubby said he was not too hip on big brother joining band but I pushed through and now here we are! :-{


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