Kulow Homestead

New Rugs

img_0799So a few weeks ago I was walking brothers to the bus stop and I saw these two rugs in someone’s trashcan.  My friend saw them too and told me to run and get my car. She stayed with my boys and I ran and got my car and she helped me load them.  I got them home and she helped me unload them and then I spent the next two hours cleaning, my rug doctor was put to the test.  I had them in the house by the time hubby got home and when he walked in he gave me a stern “Andrea!”  to which I responded, “They were free!”  I waited a little before I told him that I retrieved them from a dumpster but once he stepped on the lusciousness and then promptly laid down on then I informed him, telling him also that I had spend over two hours cleaning them and so that was all the “money” that was spent on them.  The next day we had some friends over for dinner and everyone was in shock that they were dumpster finds.  A little up front work and they are like brand new!  I looked up the retail price of one of the rugs (there are two of them just pushed together to make one big one) and the retail was $350 for one… I have two $700 and all I spent was a little more than two hours cleaning!  Yahoo!!

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