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One Word for 2015

matt5-16Two years ago I joined a group of bloggers and embraced one word for a year.  Forget about New Year’s Resolutions. I scrapped that long list of goals I know I won’t remember three weeks from now anyway.  So the choice is to pick just one word.  One word to focus on every day, all year long… One word that sums up who I want to be or how I want to live.
It will take intentionality and commitment, but if I let it, that one simple word will shape not only my year, but also me. It will become the compass that directs my decisions and guides my steps.  I have been blessed thus far by the words I have chosen and so this year I am eager to see what my word will bring about in my life.
Just as the moon reflects the sun, it is my desire that this year my life will reflect the SON.  I think that in the recent years I have become a dull light for the life I know that I have been called to.  It is my prayer and heart’s desire that this year my life will be shinning brightly, not for the glory of me but for the glory of God.  I do not want to be dull in the way that I live, hiding in the corners of those of the world but I want to SHINE the love, grace, and life of redemption.


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