Boy Antics

Fall Festival

The last two years I have taken our boys to the local fall festival that is just down the street.  Last year I learned that they have hot air balloons and they offer lift offs in them.  Last year we arrived at 7:50 am in hopes of signing up only to be disappointed that all… Read More Fall Festival

Momma Ramblings

Hush your heart

Lately the thought of quiet, sabbath, slowing down and hushing have been heavy on my heart.  A few months ago I got into my truck and my husband was at the wheel and he immediately changed my radio station from “Coffee House” to “Spa”.  He looked at me and said that he has been listening… Read More Hush your heart

Kulow Family

Family Time

I love my family!!!  Thursday afternoon I got a call from my sister in law saying that she was in town and asked if she could stop by.  She came over and had dinner with the boys and I.  Then as she was leaving my sister called and said that their flight got canceled for… Read More Family Time

Kulow Family

First Snowfall

It is no surprise that here in the mile high city we have some crazy weather… Sunday we were up at the grandparent’s house and it was in the seventies.  Sunday evening it dropped and we woke up Monday morning to snow!  Today it is in the sixties and I am sure that all traces… Read More First Snowfall

Kulow Family

Small Town Feel

One of the things that I think I have always craved is small town… don’t get me wrong I love the bustle of the big city, but there is something so grounding about small towns.  When I was in my early twenties I moved to a small town, it was fun!  I loved that everyone… Read More Small Town Feel

Kulow Family

Got Away

This past weekend we took a little road trip to South Dakota.  It was a welcomed trip!  Last week things in my head felt huge and insurmountable, packing up the trailer and heading to another state to celebrate the wedding of a very dear young lady was just what I needed.  We left the house… Read More Got Away