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Painted Lady

When we got back from South Dakota I was sitting at a traffic light and I was in awe of the butterflies all around.  Apparently there was a Painted lady migration through Denver.  I even heard a news report that their migration had set off weather radars… it was crazy.

Yesterday afternoon big brother got home from school and he informed me that he “needed” my camera and he headed out to the back yard to capture the winged beauties.  I don’t know maybe it is just me and my mom heart but I love it when my boys see beauty in the world that they live in and want to capture it so that they can share it with others.  Big brother has really become a fan of my camera so much so that I often find it laying in places I did not leave it because he grabbed it to capture something that stopped him in awe.  Big brother really does have an eye!

“Mom I need your camera right now…” said big brother as he headed out the back door. Love that he sees beauty around him and wants to capture it. There has been a migration of painted ladies through the mile high city and they have found my flowered mint rather tasty. #growingupkulow #admiringnature

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