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Pre-Order Bonuses Today Only

Who is looking for a great book to read this winter?  I know for me when the weather gets frightful outside I tend to find a cozy corner with a cup of tea and read.  My reading lists are always way longer and more ambitious than time allows!  This winter there is a book that will be hitting shelves on January 30, 2018 – and it is a must read for every woman!  Jamie Ivey, the podcast host of “Happy Hour” has taken her lives journey and laid it out beautifully in her first book called “If You Only Knew”.

Today of all days Jamie is hosting a presale party, so for every book that is pre-ordered today, you not only get to redeem your pre-order but every two hours between 10am and 10pm she will be giving away Noonday Collection or Waterloo earrings.  As if her book was not a gift enough, she has some awesome pre-order perks!

The book “If You Only Knew” is so powerful!  The words rang true to my heart.  Reading each page was as if I was sitting down to tea with the author.  I found myself highlighting and dog earring so many pages.  The raw and real story of redemption is one that each daughter of the King needs to read.  No-one is too far gone, grace abounds to all!


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