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This past weekend our pastor was on fire!!!

You know those sermons where you are sitting there and you can’t even keep up with all the nuggets that are being spoken?  Well, that was this past weekend.  We are in a new sermon series and this week was number three in the “Interscetions” series.

Right out of the gate our pastor said.. “It’s okay… take the step.  God is in control.”  Being the type A person that I am, I often suffer from the “paralysis of analysis” syndrome.  So often I get caught up thinking that I forget to move.  I like to plan everything out and sit with my plans and don’t actually execute them.  Thankfully God is perfectly patient, slow to anger with His people.

God often breaks into our daily routine and disrupts it all for His glory.  God is committed to offer help and support every step of the way in whatever it is that He is calling us into.  God is patient as we work through our broken past or when we feel unqualified.  When we feel most unqualified – hold on because that is when God’s glory can be put on display.  God does not minimize our concerns of being unqualified or less than – but He simply says to our heart…”I am bigger than it all, and you can do ALL things through ME!”

I read a passage yesterday that has got me even more thinking about God’s divine ways of stepping into my life and setting me apart from the 100 billion people that have walked the face of the earth from the beginning of time to now.  I will talk more about that book soon but, the passage was talking about, “Your life matters, and God created you unlike anyone else…” This author quotes the Wall Street Journal bestseller Strength Finder 2.0, noting that any one person can have thirty four strengths.  With that in mind the odds of any two people having the same top five strengths are 1 in 275,000.  The odds of anyone having the same top five in the same order is 1 in 33.4 million.  All that to say that we are totally unique, God designed us to be indivdual!

As I struggle stepping out in His plans, I need to be constantly reminded that HE wants me!  Not the person that I am constantly comparing myself to.  But ME!  My life is woven intricately to intersect with God’s grace.  When I give my weaknesses power, I am simply saying to God that He is not big enough.  God is calling me to extraordinary assignments, am I willing to follow?

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