Boy Antics

Raising Boys That Will Become Men

The concept that I am raising our future is not lost on me. I often spend nights tossing over the gravity of this job of mothering. If I were to be given a compliment, the highest one I could receive would be that my boys are growing into courageous and strong men, that they seek the welfare of those around them before their own.

Big brother is now ten years old… that number was really hard for me to swallow.  Double digits!  My husband likes to point out that we are more than half way to launching him into the world to stand on his own.  There is just something about ten!  I am loving the conversations that we can have.  I love the insights that he is gaining.  He truly is a gentle leader.  He wants justice and seeks it in every situation.

Middle brother is eight years old and I love that he still is a snuggler.  He often requests snuggle time.  He will curl up on any open lap and sit.  If we sit long enough he will start to talk and share the ponderings of his mind.  If there is task to be completed, he is often the first to jump on board.  Last week I had a little home project that I wanted to complete and middle brother was on top of each and every step of the project, it involved washing down tables, spray painting, and then sanding and middle brother took it upon himself to see one table from step one to the complete finish!

Little brother is a ball of energy!  One of the traits that little brother has that his older brothers don’t seem to have is his ability to have hours of imaginary play.  There are often times where little brother can be seen in the backyard in a full blown imaginary world fighting beasts and slaying dragons.  I love that his childhood is filled with imaginary worlds!  Little brother started first grade this fall and he is beyond excited to be riding the bus to and from school with his brothers.  Although he is the youngest he can definitely hold his own, sometimes a little too well! 😉

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