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SeaQuest Littleton

With summer in full swing we decided to head to SeaQuest today.  When we walked into the mall today I was a little nervous when there was a line that almost reached Dillard’s.  I will say that although the line was long it moved fairly quickly.  When we finally got to the check in we were asked for our family order number and then given bracelets that are good for the day.  Once we walked into the Quest adventure we were immediately greeted with the iguana exhibit and the kids all got to touch the iguana.

Big brother gives SeaQuest a six out of ten.  He enjoyed that it was interactive.  He was disappointed that there were not enough staff around to give educated explanations of the tanks and exhibits.

Middle brother rates SeaQuest at a five out of ten.  He was disappointed with the sizes of the tanks and the lack of variety in the tanks.  Middle brother did enjoy the fact that there was an area that he could pet the sharks.

Little brother gives SeaQuest a eight.  He thought it was really cool to see all the creatures.  He really liked that you got to pet some of the animals.  Little brother felt that the shop portion of SeaQuest should have been smaller or not even there, he wished that they would have focused more on the animals then on the toys to sell.

My opinion… I thought overall it was neat.  I love the close location.  In all honesty I would have been very disappointed had I purchased a day pass instead of the discounted half price yearly pass that we got.  Some of the tanks had what looked to be overly used plexiglass which made the view of the animals greatly distorted by scratches.  Being that it has only been open for less than a week I realize that some of the tanks and exhibits were not yet ready for the animals and there is part of me that thinks it may have been better to hold off the opening until they could have everything ready for the animals and displayed well.  I would have liked to see more plaques on the exhibits with animal descriptions and explanations.  Some exhibits had informational plaques but most did not – maybe that was a matter of just opening and not everything being totally ready for the launch.

I will say that the Kulows will be back.  Big brother and I decided that we will try to go on a less busy day so that he can sit with his sketch book and draw.  Middle brother would like to go back and see the exhibits that seemed to be empty or lacking.  Little brother is excited about the different touch and feel exhibits and so he is eager to see what else he can touch.


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