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When life starts to feel busy and overwhelming to me I find myself clinging to simple little saying.

It is no surprise to anyone that has read my blog to know that I like to listen to podcasts.  I am an avid podcast listener.  I have sixteen different podcasts that I am subscribed to and I have any where from six to twenty podcasts that I have available in my episodes to listen to.  I like to listen to my podcasts in either time and a half or double speed, I guess it comes from my Bible College days of listening to “Papa Chuck” tapes in chipmunk speed!

All that to say that I have multiple pages of notes on my phone… one liners that I picked out from a podcast.  This past week I have found myself in the quiet of the house listening to podcasts and jotting down many one liners that are helping to hold my head above the raising waters of life.

To just say I like one liners is not the full truth… I like one liners that are done in a pretty format – that girlie side of me shines.  When I find a one liner that is speaking loudly to me I will find a graphic that I have stored in my phone and then add the font right over it.  Life seems more manageable with pretty pictures and nice words.  Can I get an Amen!?!

Here are just three from this past week that I am clinging to…

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