Boy Antics, Kulow Family

Snow Fun

With winter break coming to a close the boys and I decided to take a little trip to visit family. Michael’s little sister and her family live about three hours away and we made plans to invade her house with our Kulow crazienss.

In August they bought a new house and we had yet to see it since they moved in so we figured before the crazy of life picks up with the new year that we would visit. The boys got lots of cousin play time, us moms got chat time – It was a fun trip!

They live in a small town and one of the perks of said small town is that they close down on of the downtown streets for winter sledding. We arrived mid day on Thursday and grabbed our snow gear and went sledding. We spent a good three hours at the sled hill. We all worked up an appetite so we went back to the house grabbed some snacks then drove into the resort town close by to play at the hot springs pool for two hours.

That night everyone slept hard, in fact at about nine big brother looked at me and said, “Mom I am so tired!” He proceeded to fall asleep on the couch amidst the cousin craziness which did not wind down for another two hours!

The next morning we awoke and decided that we had so much fun the first day at the sledding hill that we went back for another two hours!

I love that my boys have cousins that are their ages that they can play with – only wish we lived closer, although three hours is not too bad (plus since they live in the mountains we are guaranteed snow time since it is has been dry here!)

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