Super Simple Sugar Scrub

With the hustle of the holidays behind us all, I know that the last thing on everyone’s mind is gifts.  However I love having little things around the house that I can throw together for friends.  Gift giving is not a strong suit for me, however I am trying to embrace it.

Sugar scrub. It’s an all natural way to exfoliate those icky places from your face to your feet that need a little extra polishing and nourishing. I’ve been making it for a while… and I’ve been in awe at what a big difference it can make in giving everything from your face to your elbows that extra glow. Minus a whole lot of chemicals.  No one needs all those chemicals.  The best part is that you probably have all the needed ingredients sitting in your cabinets.

IMG_4666What you will need:

Coconut Oil (Thank you Costco for the vat of oil)

Granulated Sugar (We buy the organic stuff from Costco)

Essential Oil

Container for your scrub (For this gift I used 1/2 pint jars)

Here’s what I start with – I recommend eyeballing all of it, depending on what kind of container you plan to place your mixture in/how much you wish to make at once. This will be your base to decide how much to use. But I start with a generous helping of coconut oil. It’s what moisturizes and gives the scrub that silky feeling. I use one part coconut oil with two parts sugar. Mix it in well, and make sure all the lumps are gone.

If you don’t use essential oils, you can stop right here with a great, basic sweet scrub. But I love adding essential oils for that extra added benefit of aromatherapy… among other things.

Once all the lumps are mixed in well, I use 3 drops peppermint + 2 drops lavender {peppermint lavender}

Adjust to your own preferences, but this little scrub has a nice tingly feeling to it, and a touch of the relaxing as well.  The beauty of this stuff is that it has a pretty nice little shelf life.

Simply lather up, and wash off with water. {Be careful not to get it in your eyes} I use this in the shower all the time – it’s like an in-house spa treatment.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

For the gift I tied it up with a pretty ribbon, a nail file and a bottle of nail polish, simple and thoughtful!

{If peppermint lavender does not light you up, you could always swap out the oils for another scent combination!}

I would love to know if you make this sugar scrub for yourself or for a friend!


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