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The Books of 2018

In 2018 I read twenty books. My goal was to read 24, two books a month but as the year took some turns and homeschooling became a part of my life there were a few months there that I had to be okay with the fact that my reading was curriculum rather than books for pleasure.

Once I got over the mental hurtle that all the books that I read had to be for my personal enjoyment and I realized that the books that the boys and I were reading aloud as part of our curriculum could count towards my reading as well – because I was the one reading them – my list began to be added to.

Out of the twenty books that I read four of them were read aloud books that the boys and I all enjoyed together. Honestly I was surprised that big brother sat through our read alouds and actually enjoyed them Being that he is such a avid reader I was thinking that he would bore of our books and find other things to do, but he sat captivated right along with his brothers.

The stories we read together act as a bridge where we can’t seem to find another way to connect. They are our currency, our language, our family culture.

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