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Who I am

I am not totally sure if it is age or something else entirely…

I was recently chatting with a friend and she was saying that she is comfortable in her skin in a new and fresh way.  She knows that she is not going to be a size six and she is not a fan of working out.  It got me thinking, am I confident in who I am?  I remember my grandma saying to me in my early teens that you really don’t know who you are until your thirties.  I thought she was just being a “Sentimental Sally”, and nodded to get out of the conversation.  Now that I am securely in my thirties, I can say that my grandma was probably right!

I know that I am a mom, a wife and daughter – those are givens in my life but I am talking about what makes me tick.  The fibers that make me who I truly am.  The fact that I enjoy slow mornings.  I love gathering friends, not in large groups but small groups of four but not much more.  I shy away from crowds because I feel lost.  Spending time with family revives my soul.  Sitting with a hot cup of tea seems to be the best elixir for meaningful conversations, whether sitting on the couch or standing in the street with a neighbor.  Seeing strong woman push through perceived barriers is such a high that feeds me in a way that is hard to explain.  Tears used to be slow to come to my eyes and although some of my family may call me the ice queen – I have to realize that my tears flow often now, while sitting with friends that are hurting, friends that are rejoicing, or as the belly laughs take over!  People make me tick, my people!  Those people that have stood with me, chose to claim me as family or friend – they are what make my heart skip a beat!  So although it sounds as though I have taken a turn to the people around me – it is those people that help me best to see who I am.

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