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Word of 2018

Friends, it’s that time again. The time to reflect on the previous year & dream up goals for the next. It is indeed one of my favorite times – I’m naturally a goal setter, a dreamer. I love regularly checking back & tracking my progress as I move forward.
And I firmly believe this mixed with a little magic, grace & luck has led us to where we are now.
One simple way I channel my dreams & visions for the new year is by picking one word. This word acts as my anchor throughout the months, consistently calling me to be intentional in my actions, choices, words & habits.
When I first began this in 2013 my word was Surrender
In 2014 my word was Fight
In 2015 my word was Shine
In 2016 even while I took a break from blogging I still chose a word – or shall I say words – Cultivate What Matters
And as I cast a line out into the great waters of what 2018 might be, I am drawn to the word Community.
I am a firm believer in the power of community.  The strength that I gain from knowing that there are people around me that will stand when I am too weak to.  Pray with me when the words are beyond my lips.  Encourage me when the road looks dark.  I value the people that God has placed in my life that give me a sense of community and belonging.  I do not know what 2018 has in store for me but I am confident walking forward because I know that as I step into each day there are people that love me and are there for me.

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