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img_5000At the beginning of the year there were a lot of posts about “Word of the Year”.  I did not get on that ban wagon.  I enjoyed reading other bloggers “Word of the Year” but never felt compelled to find my word of the year.  When this post was coming up I decided that I would spend some time praying about a word of the year for myself.  The word that came to mind was SURRENDER.

I need to surrender!

I’ve always been a fighter, not verbally but internally I will preserve to the end.  And that attribute has served me well in many ways over the years.  But I’m realizing that it’s also held me back from experiencing some of the riches of God’s grace.

I always focus on grace for those around me and desire the same grace for myself.  But when it comes to my own life, I realize that I need to be more trusting.  More certain of God’s love and care.  More confident in God’s provision for me and my loved ones.

There’s nothing standing in my way.  God has proved himself time and again.  But I still need to relinquish my desire to have things my way.  I need to rest in the knowledge of the love of God.

God is so kind, so respectful of us.  He won’t take the throne in our lives; He waits for us to crown him King and then marvel at the goodness of His rule.

So I’m setting my will toward surrender.  In the words of J.W. Van De Venter,

All to Jesus I surrender
All to him I freely give.
I will ever love and trust Him;
In His presence daily live.
I surrender all!
I surrender all!
All to Thee, my blessed Savior–
I surrender all!

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