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Each new year brings the chance to look back on the previous year and then think through the year to come.

I wanted to take a few minutes and just share with you the power of community!  I think that I have touched on the meaning to me but as I sit and contemplate the end of a year and look forward to the new year I thought it only right to share with you, my community!

Every December and January I sit and reflect on the year past and the year to come.  In 2017, as December rolled around I was praying and seeking a Word for the 2018 year.  The word was slow in coming but when January came I knew without a shadow of doubt that my word for 2018 was “Community“.  That word, in my mind geared toward a season that I was coming out of – a very hard time in my marriage, a place of darkness that only seemed doable by the woman I shared life with in the bible study that I led.  Little did I know that God had bigger plans and ways of broadening my view in the coming months. 

Over the coming months God began to stir my heart and take some shackles that I had been bound to.  My husband and I began to seek the Lord together and pray for clarity as we were raising our boys to become men of God.  Slowly the word community became more to me than I had originally thought. 

In February I started chatting with a friend about homeschooling.  The word community kept coming up in our conversation.  I was ignorant to the meaning that she spoke of.  I knew of community as the woman of bible study not of this family organization that she so fondly referred to.  Slowly one by one pieces began to fall together.  Community was surrounding me! 

In March, my husband and I made the commitment that we were going to home school our three boys.  I reached out to our local representative and requested more information.  We met twice to discuss Classical Conversations and I knew that I had found a community of believers that I wanted to plant myself along side.  In April I met with our local community leader and we chatted about the plans for a “new community”.  In May the Kulow family jumped head first into community.

As December comes to a close I am sitting here thinking of the Irish Blessing, “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.” 

Community is truly an act of God in flesh and I am a willing participant in the blessing. 

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