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Yeah, here are are almost a complete week into the new year and my mind has been thinking through what my word for 2019 might be. I felt as though I might just continue the word “Community” from 2018 as it feels that every time I turn around I am greeted by it. Whether we be at a park and my boys find a community to play with, or through our home school group or through our church family – we are never too far from a group of people that see us and know us. As I had somewhat resigned myself to claiming 2019 as the continuance of 2018 Community I was sitting in church and it was as though my heart heard a word… two words that it needed.

2019 I am claiming as the words “LEAN IN”.

Two days ago I met with the moms of our home school community and as we sat and chatted I could feel a stirring in my heart and the words that my sister in law and I discussed just that afternoon came to my mind “Vulnerable participation in life”. The moms and I were talking about the fact that we had created this bond of friendship only through the vulnerability of living with an open book to each other’s lives. That openness could have been met with judgement or criticism but we all realized that none of us had the time to worry about that. So with open arms we embraced differences, challenges and saw each other as co-laborers in this thing called life.

Yesterday as I sat in church by myself as Michael has been working so much lately I was seated next to our pastor, his wife and then another couple friend and I was reminded of my community! I was surrounded by people that know my story, see my heart, and love me. I was blown away by the grace of where I was at that exact moment and as I was sitting there I could feel my heart hearing a new word – Lean In!

It was as if COMMUNITY and VULNERABLE PARTICIPATION collided and the words LEAN IN appeared.

The pastor preaching started his sermon and asked this: “Self Examination: If I am claiming it than how am I living it?” It was as if I could not note take fast enough. If I am claiming the word community then I am choosing to lean in. Lean into the lives around me. LEAN IN

So although there is a new word, may two words for 2019 it really does tie 2018 together and we shall see what 2019 holds in store!

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