Kulow Homestead

Chicken Taj Mahal

img_0975Hubby spent the weekend while I was gone working on the chicken coop that I have now coined the chicken taj mahal.  I asked hubby to build a little bit of a bigger coop and he took some pictures and ideas that I had and turned up the notch about oh… one hundred percent.  Silly hubby!8328878_orig

And what would a chicken coop post be without a few shots of the chickens.  Our little chickens are kind of at that ugly tween age where they are scraggly and awkward.  I will say that we do have one little lady that is still cute and cuddly looking but it does have me a little worried since she is the same age as the rest but she is not feathering like the others.  However it does not seem to bother her, she kind of does her own thing and then when she wants to she gets noticed, she is a squawker.



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